Improving Australia’s mental health by delivering expert-led, evidence-based accredited education and training.

Birchtree Education

We help businesses, community and sporting organisations, education providers, clinicians and allied health professionals to better manage their organisation’s mental health.

We specialise in supporting those who work with or have experienced complex trauma or neglect, which often underlies many mental health challenges. Our bespoke, co-designed educational programs are grounded in the latest neuroscience research, providing team members with the tools to develop greater self-awareness and enable them to provide more effective support to those in their care.


In our community, there is a growing awareness of the importance of mental health and people are increasingly open to starting conversations about it. A critical first step. But then what?

Many Australians lack the practical skills and tools to remedy, protect and grow their own mental health, as this ‘capability’ has not been taught and reinforced through consistent education. Likewise, many of us are unsure how to identify and assist those in our community who may be struggling.

Workplaces face additional risks, as Australia’s model Work Health & Safety (WHS) legislation mandates the provision of both a physically safe and psychologically safe workplace. Yet stress-related legal claims have increased 50% over the past 5 years, costing the Australian community $70 billion per year. In turn, fuelling staff turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism.


We believe practical mental health education should be accessible to all.


With four generations now in the workplace, and 40% of young Australians (aged 16-24) experiencing a mental health episode annually – how prepared is your organisation to care for and lead these different generations?

We also support teams working in complex environments and frontline staff regularly experiencing stressful interactions with the public.


We support-the-supporters by partnering with community organisations and their teams.


We support-the-supporters by partnering with community organisations and their teams.


We deliver practical and engaging mental health workshops to whole school communities including, teachers, support staff, parents and students.


We support lawyers working with clients with complex needs in criminal, family and commercial law matters. We have facilitated training for the NSW Law Society. 


We support universities and colleges with the unique challenge of caring for large cohorts of young people living and studying on and off campus.


We support sporting codes (from NSO’s to clubs) to improve the mental health of their athletes and the teams of people who administer, coach and support them.


We support the health sector to self-care so it can best serve our community. We have proudly trained over 5,000 clinicians and allied health workers in trauma-informed care since 2015.



We discover where your organisation is at now and where you want to be.


Informing our co-design of course content that is customised for your team.


Courses are delivered face-to-face by our expert trainers, from 2 hours to 2 days. We also deliver online in a highly engaging way.


We undertake a post-course check-in with your team to review the impact of the training.


Where Birchtree-accredited training is required, successful participants will receive Birchtree Education Accreditation.

Birchtree Education

We live our value of collaboration through advisory partnerships with purpose-led organisations and sector-experts, ensuring our clients receive customised and contemporary education experiences.

Birchtree Education

Our Birchtree Education x Modern People partnership bridges modern leadership development and mental health capability, equipping leaders with the soft skills they need in an increasingly complex, post-COVID workplace – with far greater demands.

Knowing how to value and lead an engaged team – especially against a backdrop of rising generalized anxiety in the community and the growing quest for meaningful work in purpose-led organisations – demands new skills. It calls for greater flexibility, autonomy, and care in where and how work is performed.

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