Where healing and growth is made possible

Birchtree Centre

Birchtree Centre is one of Australia’s largest private therapy practices, with over 55 clinicians working across our Forest Lodge and Pymble practices in NSW.

We provide a safe space for survivors of complex trauma, addiction and eating disorders to access treatment, through individual and group therapy. In addition we provide trauma-sensitive yoga and Tai Chi, art therapy, music therapy and parenting groups. We offer clinical supervision to clinicians, clinical placements to students, and a clinical psychology registrar program – helping shape the next generation of trauma-informed specialists.

A place where you can land when you need a time out for rest, reflection and repair, when things get rough, when life feels overwhelming, when you need more help than you can get at home, or when you can’t do it alone.

The work we do at the Centre is both restorative and preventative. It is also challenging at times, yet optimistic and hope filled. We specialise in working with individuals struggling with the legacy of histories of developmental trauma and neglect.

Individual therapy
Tai Chi
Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Parenting Groups
Trauma Support Groups
Interpersonal (Yalom) Group

We promise to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to understand your experiences and build a foundation for your recovery. We have combined therapies and education programs that are designed to provide you with the tools you need to navigate the challenges of healing from complex trauma.

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