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Courageously improving Australia’s mental health for the benefit of all.

At Birchtree we provide support and healing for those impacted by trauma and experiencing mental health challenges. We raise awareness and share knowledge by educating those working in the field and broader community. We deepen understanding through scientific research and are emboldened to provide new models of mental health care.

We work with clients, clinicians, businesses, schools, community and sports organisations, supporting those needing mental health care or education.


We believe mental health care should be accessible for all

0 in 5
1 in 5 Australians (of all ages) will have a mental health episode this year.
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Concerningly, young Australians are at most risk with 40% of 16-25 year old’s experiencing a mental health episode in any given year.
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8.6 million or 43.7% of Australians aged 16-85 have experienced a mental health episode at some point in their life.

We advocate for change and don’t accept the status quo.

Australia’s mental health system needs change. It is under-resourced, bureaucratic, difficult to navigate and lacks a trauma informed treatment lens. The system is straining to cope with those in crisis with the most acute mental health needs. Leaving individuals (and their carers) with less acute needs struggling to find accessible, affordable, longer-term treatment options. Join us in helping change that.


Birchtree comprises four branches focused on helping support the mental health of thousands of Australians each year.

Through clinical work with our clients (Birchtree Centre), mental health education to help organisations and those they care for (Birchtree Education), and delivery of free group-based support services to clients in regional Australia (Birchtree Foundation). We are also pioneering world leading trauma-informed hospitals in Sydney and Canberra, providing increased support when it is needed (Birchtree Hospitals).


We are one of Australia’s largest private therapy practices, with over 55 clinicians working across our Forest Lodge and Pymble practices.


A safe place to stay when you need time out for rest, reflection and repair, when life feels overwhelming, when you need more help than you can get at home, or when you can’t do it alone.


We are improving Australia’s mental health by delivering expert-led, evidence-based education and training. Our bespoke education is grounded in contemporary neuroscience.


Our charitable foundation devoted to changing trauma care across rural and regional Australia. We  increase awareness and access to exceptional treatment services.


We’re willing to rock the boat – developing new ways to teach and provide new ways to care for our mental health.

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