A first of its kind – pioneering world leading trauma-informed care through inpatient and outpatient treatment services.

Birchtree Hospitals

The future of holistic hospital care is (almost) here.

With over two years of planning completed, we are committed to opening evidence-based, trauma-informed hospitals in Canberra and Sydney, adding critically needed beds and support-services into an overloaded system, that currently lacks a trauma lens.

We are building places where you can land when you need a time out for rest, reflection and repair, when life feels overwhelming, when you need more help than you can get at home, or when you cannot do it alone.

Birchtree Hospitals

Too often our clients have cycled through mental health hospitals, not receiving the specialised inpatient or outpatient care that they need, leading to more re-admissions. Forcing us to either accept the system’s failings or courageously act. We chose the latter.

Trauma-informed hospital care

We are experts in trauma care and are recognised as the leading providers of individual therapy, group programs and educational seminars.

Extending our care capability in this way is a critical step in our commitment to courageously improve Australia’s mental health for the benefit of all.

Our focus is is to help our hospital guests get the treatment they deserve, so they can get well, stay well and live their best life.

Get well, stay well

We will be here with welcoming arms when needed, but we seek to reduce the length of stay (compared to traditional mental health hospitals) and minimise the need for future re-admission.

Providing our guests with the reboot they have been looking for, while equipping them with the skills to better self-care at home, will reduce future disruption. Allowing more time to focus on self, relationships, family, friends, study, work and community. The things that matter most.

Birchtree Hospitals
Private health insurance rebates

Our programs will be supported by private health insurance rebates, reducing the cost of admission.

Inpatient admission

Outpatient programs

Individual therapy

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Birchtree Hospitals

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