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Mental health is a fundamental human right.
We exist to revolutionise mental health across Australia through access to exceptional mental health care and education.

About Birchtree - Birchtree Hospitals

Birchtree Centre was founded in 2015 by clinical psychologists, Dr Sophie Reid and Jace Cannon-Brookes, two of Australia’s leading experts in the treatment of complex trauma and related mental health challenges. Sophie and Jace believe those living with complex trauma deserve better care.    

Today, Birchtree Centre is highly regarded for its expertise in complex trauma and has over 55 clinicians offering therapeutic support to adolescents and adults, supported by the expertise of the founders.

In 2018, Birchtree Foundation was launched, in response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – which noted the stark inequity in access to treatment services across Australia. We focus on improving mental health services in regional communities that lack access to quality education and treatment for complex trauma.  


We are a purpose-led group, driven by a belief that trauma-informed mental health care and education, are equally required – to improve Australia’s mental health for the benefit of all.   

Despite developmental trauma and complex PTSD (C-PTSD) being known to underlie many mental health struggles, Australia’s mental health system continue to focus on diagnoses. These ‘labels’ can be unhelpful to long-term recovery. Instead we choose to meet our clients where they are at, and help them understand the neuroscience of why their body feels and responds to differing stressors.  

Our clinical work often reflects the cumulative impact of adverse childhood experiences – through acts of omission (neglect, lack of nurturing and support) and commission (physical, sexual or psychological abuse) – which directly shape the mental and physical health of those in our care.

These experiences have a consequential impact on their ability to study, hold down a job, and/or build and maintain healthy relationships – diminishing their ability to reach their full potential. Working together we can change that. 

About Birchtree

Education has been at the heart of Birchtree since our inception. We are an evidenced-based organisation and have research partnerships with leading Australian universities. We also offer clinical supervision to clinicians, clinical placements to students, and a clinical registrar program – helping shape the next generation of trauma-informed specialists. 

Since 2018, we have proudly trained over 5,000 clinicians and allied health workers.

We also deliver expert-led education and training to businesses, education providers, community and sporting organisations – helping them better manage their organisation’s mental health.

Our bespoke, co-designed educational programs are grounded in the latest neuroscience research, providing teams with the tools to develop greater self-awareness and enable them to provide more effective support to those in their care. 

We are taking action in the areas where we can have the most impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work, or exploring partnership opportunities, please reach out to us.

Healing trauma takes time – often this occurs in chapters of care. Every chapter sows the seeds of hope, of connection, of community, of physical and emotional healing.

But more needs to be done, more quickly – to change Australia’s mental health system, so that more people can access the care that they deserve, when and where they need it. 

At Birchtree, we are driven to collaborate with government, educators, businesses, and the community, to create system change. 

Like a rising tide lifts all boats… we are determined to lift the capability of Australia’s mental health system.

Together, we can do this. 



Empathy lies at the heart
of human connection and
understanding. It promotes
positive change towards
building a more united and
harmonious society.


Compassion reflects an understanding of the shared humanity that joins us together, gives hope and transcends all differences.


Collaboration propels us towards innovation and progress, nurturing collective wisdom and expertise. We invite like-minded people and organisations to join us in reshaping Australia’s mental health system.


Courage confronts challenges head-on, is not afraid to say what is wrong and drives innovation. We don’t accept the status quo and we acknowledge systemic failings. We’re proud to work towards a solution to benefit and empower all.

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